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Merchant Program: Be Happy in LIFE Books & Workshops  View More Information About The Program
Description: Inspiring short stories for teens and their parents to help them feel that they are OK and boost self confidence. E-book or soft cover, it's an easy & stress-free way to communicate with your teen! Inspiring story of a young woman's liberation from being trapped in conventions and living by the expectations of others to a free and creative life full of love and fulfillment. Parenting workshops based on life coaching - Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids!

Welcome to the Be Happy in LIFE affiliate program. We appreciate your help in spreading our message of acceptance and kindness to the good people of the world.

Together, we will make the world a better place, while doing some serious business!


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(US$) 40.00% Per SaleMotivating Kids
Frustrated with your kids' lack of motivation? Tired of nagging? Motivating Kids is the eBook for you!
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Be inspired by this story of Personal Liberation that will make you Get Up and Own Your Life
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In the Outback with Jasmine Banks is the liberating story of a young journalist who finds the courage and inspiration to grow and set herself free
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(US$) 40.00% Per SaleGreat Teen Gift Idea
Email Your Teen a Big Surprise With These Inspiring Teen Stories
(US$) 40.00% Per SaleBook For Teenagers
Give Your Teen A Book They'll Love. Digital Or Softcover - Buy Online!
(US$) 40.00% Per SalePerfect Teen Book
Teen Stories That Touch The Heart. "Be Special, Be Yourself" Buy Now!
(US$) 40.00% Per SalePerfect Teen Gift
Give Your Teen A Gift They'll Really Love. Digital Or Softcover Book - Buy Online!

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