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Description: We are an online retailer of Islamic and Indian Clothing. we sell clothing items for the Modest Women. Our items include Abayas, Kurtis, Hijabs, Jilbabs, Skirts and other Accessories

EastEssence.com was founded in 2007 in the Silicon Valley of California, USA with a goal to provide quality clothing at unbeatable prices. Owing its roots to the birthplace of computing technology, EastEssence.com is a pioneer in leveraging technology to provide the best “value for money” experience online.

We are the largest online retailers of Islamic and traditional Indian clothing. We rank amongst the top 3 Islamic clothing companies and sell products like Abayas, Hijabs, Jilbabs, Kurtis, Skirts, Jackets, Shawls etc. This is avery fast upcoming market with a population of 18 million potential clients within US and 3 Billion all over the world. Besides USA we are shipping to Europe, Middle East and Australia. We also ship to some countries in Africa and South America. Our Average sale amount is over $100.

Now Get Free Shipping to these countries UK,Finland,France,Germany,Canada,Australia,Ireland,Norway,Sweden,Singapore Order above $150

Affiliate Program Benefits :
Earn up to 7% commission on every sale
45 Days Cookie tracking
Great banners and text links available
Data feeds are available
Dedicated Affiliate Program Manager

If you have any questions about our affiliate program please feel free to contact us at abhishek@eastessence.com


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(US$) 7.00% Per SaleText Banner 1
(US$) 7.00% Per Saleshoes
Women Shoes
(US$) 7.00% Per Salejacket
Women Jacket
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleShipping
We offer FREE standard shipping on all orders OVER $150 for continental USA, UK, Canada and Australia only.
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleSpring Colors
Spring Colors cloth
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleText link
School Uniform
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleRamadan Sale
Ramadan Sale
(US$) 7.00% Per SalePrayer Namaz
Prayer Namaz
(US$) 7.00% Per Salemodest-swimwear
(US$) 7.00% Per Saleislamic-clothing
maternity islamic-clothing
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleKurti and Tunic
Kurti and Tunic Collection.
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleUnder $25
Items under $25
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleSchool uniform
Islamic School Uniforms
(US$) 7.00% Per Saleshawl
Islamic Girls shawl
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleIslamic clothing
Islamic clothing
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleHijab
In this winter get long Abayas and Hijab
(US$) 7.00% Per Saleeastessence
Gskirt and pant
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleText link
Get Ready for New clothing at eastessence.com
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleTextlink
Get Items clothing under $25 .
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleHijab Pins
Get best Hijab Pins
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleNew collections
Get Abaya and Jilbab at an affordable prices!!!!
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleBurkha Set
Get 2 piece Burkha set in 2 styles and 6 colors!
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleModest clothing
Confidence meets modesty
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleTraditional Islamic
Buy Traditional Islamic Clothing
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleDesigner wear
Bridal wear
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale728*90
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale468*60
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale250*250
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale200*200
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale120*240
(US$) 7.00% Per SalePrinted Chiffon Sca
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleSalwar Kameez
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleBags & Clutches
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale728*90
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale728*90
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleRamadan Kareem
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale728-90
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleStylish muslim cloth
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleIslamic cloth shawl
(US$) 7.00% Per Saleeastessence
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleMuslim Clothing
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleCity Girls
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleMen's Leather shoe
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleAbayas Jibabs
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleKaftan Tunic
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleJust men's tshirts
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleRAMDAM KAREEM
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleLong jacket
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleNew Arrivals
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale300*250
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleRamadan Kareem
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleItalian fabric cloth
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale300-250
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleShalwar Kameez
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleNew dress shirts
(US$) 7.00% Per SalePRAYER RUGS
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleSalwar suits
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale250*250
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleRamadan Sale
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale250*250
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleClothing for men
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale250-250
(US$) 7.00% Per SalePrint are in fashion
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale200*200
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale200*200
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleShalwar Kameez
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleRayon Kaftan
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale160-600
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleEmbroidered Tunics
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleKaftan's
(US$) 7.00% Per Saleclothing & Jewellery
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleWomen's close-toes
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleMEN's Halal Shoes
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale728x90
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale468x60
(US$) 7.00% Per Sale300x250
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleAbaya Dresses
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleNew EID abaya
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleNew Addition
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleModest Jilbab
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleEgyptian Motif Print
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleModest Jilbab
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleNew Collections
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleTshirt & Hoodies
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleShrugs Abayas
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleClothing For Boys
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleEmbroidered Abayas
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleLatest Abaya Styles
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleModest Swimwear
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleGirls Abayas - EID
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleWomen's Shrugs
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleJackets & Coats
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleSequin Abayas - EID
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleEgyptian Motif Print
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleShrugs Abayas
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleLatest Abaya Styles
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleModest Islamic Swimw
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleMaternity Abaya
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleEmbroidered Abayas
(US$) 7.00% Per SaleModest Mens Outfits

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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