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Description: Welcome to PosterCheckOut! We have over 300,000 posters and art prints to choose from. Browsing our site you'll find we have the best prices on posters, art prints & canvas transfers on the Internet. At PosterCheckOut we pride ourselves for having excellent customer service. We have been selling posters on the web since 2002, so a large part of our customer base is repeat business and referrals.

Welcome to our affiliate program. Join PosterCheckOut's Affiliate Program and put your web site to work for you!

Do you have a web site and want to make some money with all of that traffic? We offer a great affiliate program for you to make money.

Our percent of sale program pays you for each sale that is generated from your site. Because we offer great incentives to buy more than one print (flat rate US shipping) our average sale is four to five prints per order - this all means a large pay off for you.

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(US$) 20.00% Per SalePhotography Posters
Photography Posters
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleMusic Posters
Music Posters
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleMovie Posters
Movie Posters
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleKitchen Art
Kitchen Art
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleHot Girl Posters
Hot Girl Posters
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleGame Room Art
Game Room Art
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleCustom Framing
Custom Framing
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleCollege Posters
College Posters
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleChildren's Art
Children's Art
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBathroom Art
Bathroom Art
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleAbstract Art
Abstract Art
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner300x250
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner160x600
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner728x90
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner468x60-4
(US$) 20.00% Per SalePCO150x38
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner125x125
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner468x60-3
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner468x60-2
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner468x60
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner120x90
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleBanner120x60

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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