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Description: Scientific Sales is New Zealand's leading provider of commercial and consumer environment monitoring equipment. We provide the tools for our customers to monitor and measure the world around them. Our range includes wireless electronic weather stations and rain gauges, temperature data loggers, digital thermometers, iButton temperature units, precision handheld temperature/humidity devices, classic wall mounted stations, and GPS devices.

Welcome to the Scientific Sales affiliate programme.

As New Zealand’s largest retailer of weather stations and the only place in the country to find all the major brands we are able to offer our affiliates a compelling offering from which to make money. Complementing that is our wide range of environment monitoring products and focus on customer service which makes us an ideal partner for affiliates who are serious about converting their efforts into profits.

Affiliates receive 10% from every sale referred with a 90 day Cookie Expiry Period.

Please note that free shipping offers are for New Zealand addresses only.


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(NZ$) 10.00% Per SaleRain1 250x250
(NZ$) 10.00% Per SaleRain1 180x150
(NZ$) 10.00% Per SaleRain1 160x600

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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