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Description: Hanging a picture has never been easier, using the picture rail manufactured by STAS picture hanging systems. With our various picture hanging systems, you can hang your wall decorations quickly and easily. Arrange and rearrange them time and time again without using any tools, screws or nails! Once the picture rail is installed, you’ll never need to drill a hole in your wall ever again! Hang your paintings, photographs, posters and picture frames with the variety of picture hooks and picture hangers by STAS.

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We'll offer you a rate of 12,5% for every sale through the affiliate program.

Our goal is to offer picture hanging systems and services for the broadest range of image presentation requirements. All of our products feature quality components, competitive pricing, and innovative design for fast, easy, and professional hanging of images.
We supply art hanging systems to the most prestigious museums, galleries, universities and government bodies worldwide. However, we also offer excellent, tailored solutions for the complete range of picture hanging applications in your home.

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(US$) 12.50% Per SalePicture Hanging Syst
Picture Hanging Systems, the best way to hang your pictures! Easy online ordering, fast shipping.
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(US$) 12.50% Per Salewithout nails
Hang your pictures without nails! Professional picture hanging systems, choose and order online now!
(US$) 12.50% Per Sale728x90 Picture Hang
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(US$) 12.50% Per Sale336X280 Picture Hang
(US$) 12.50% Per Sale300x250 Picture Hang
(US$) 12.50% Per Sale160x600 Picture Hang
(US$) 12.50% Per Sale120x600 Picture Hang
(US$) 12.50% Per Sale250X250 Picture Hang
(US$) 12.50% Per Sale150X38 Picture Hang

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