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Description: PRIVATE WiFi is a personal VPN that protects the identity and sensitive information of anyone on a public WiFi network.

Welcome to the PRIVATE WiFi CPC affiliate program.

Browse our banners below for the most fitting for your website. Please note that we change banners regularly as means to promote different areas of our website. Please be sure to authorise webmaster [at] privatewifi.com in your spam filter or address book.

Also note that because we offer generous CPC payouts, we are very diligent in examining the legitimacy of the traffic being sent through our banners. Please check the terms and conditions for more information.

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US$0.30 Per Clickpersonal VPN

Why is it so important to use a personal VPN?

Well...why wouldn't you want to encrypt everything you do? Intruders can intercept data sent on unprotected networks. Learn more about why you need a personal VPN.

US$0.30 Per ClickEasy VPN
VPN Laptop

Ever feel like some one is watching you?

PRIVATE WiFi protects you from the dangers of public wifi usage with an easy to use software that installs in minutes. Browse securely with an easy VPN.

US$0.10 Per Clickhackers

What is a Computer Hacker?

These days, a hacker doesn't have to be a geek from a top university who breaks into high profile banks and government systems.

A hacker can be anyone, even the kid next door. Anyone can download a simple software off the Internet to see everything that goes into, and out of, a computer on a the same network. And people who do this don't always have the best of intentions. So just imagine how exposed you are when you use WiFi in a public hotspot. Everybody in that very same hotspot are all on the same computer network.

Firewalls and anti-virus can't stop this new type of hacking, called sniffing, but PRIVATE WiFi can. Learn more about how to protect yourself against hackers.

Private wifi description
US$0.30 Per ClickData Security
VPN Protected Laptop

Cybercrime at Hotels?

Let's face it, hackers love hotels. And not because they want to get away and sip margaritas by the pool. The huge volume of personal information collected, transmitted, and stored by the hospitality industry has made it a prime target for cybercrime. Learn More

US$0.30 Per Clickpersonal VPN article

Personal VPN

As an in-depth Huffington Post article points out, it’s no wonder celebrities are often victimized by hackers. The reality is, it’s just not that hard to hack celebrities — or anyone else, for that matter. Find out more!

US$0.30 Per ClickWireless Security

Wireless Security

Most people don't realize that wifi signals are just radio waves.

PRIVATE WiFi installs in minutes and gives you wireless security you can rely on. And you can try it for free.

Watch our video below.

US$0.30 Per Clickencryption

Use Wifi?

Try PRIVATE WiFi for piece of mind. PRIVATE WiFi is a personal VPN that uses the same proven encryption
used by major corporations
and government agencies.

US$0.30 Per Clickpublic wifi

Don't be Naked to the world.

Public WiFi is just that. Public. Every time you use a public wifi hotspot, you're naked to the world. Hackers can steal your data out of thin air.

Learn more about how to protect yourself on public WiFi.

US$0.30 Per ClickOnline Security


Security you don't have to think about.

secure laptop

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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