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Description: Personal Candles is a new company with a unique product in an untouched niche. We make custom candles with our client's messages and/or pictures. The message or picture is then surrounded by one of our many beautiful designs (eg. Roses, Pansies, etc.) Customers can choose among three sizes of candles and several scents: -Small 3"x3" Candle - $19.95 -Medium 4"x4" Candle - $24.95 -Large 5"x5" Candle - $29.95 Program Notes: -Average Sale ~ $40 -Conversion Rate ~ 5% -Commission Rate - 15% There is high interest in our product because it is unique, lasts on average 6 months, and is priced competitively to alternatives, such as flowers or a box of chocolate. We have a gorilla marketing campaign in place, with a significant budget, which should gain traction nationwide shortly, this includes: -Social Media ads -Search engine ads -Print Catalog ads There are currently no other companies that offer custom candles with messages and pictures.

Welcome all affiliates, we are looking forward to partnering with you for the long term and have put together a comprehensive marketing program for our product to ensure our success. Please have a look at our website, our product is one of a kind, correctly priced to compete with alternatives, and has no direct competition. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me personally:
Cameron Akavan
Tel: 919-665-6660

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(US$) 15.00% Per Sale120x240 Sympathy

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