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Description: 123 Video Magic is a complete photography store that offers an extensive range of photography equipments for both professional and amateur photographers. You can choose from hardware kits of your choice to carry out a photo shoot the location of your choice. These images can be later edited with the help of green screen software offered by 123 Video Magic. All the green screen equipment and lighting accessories offered by us are of premium quality and affordable at competitive rates. So, shop for your photo studio today!

Welcome to 123 Video Magic Affiliates Program

Thanks a lot for showing your keenness in becoming a part of our affiliate program. Our affiliate program is specifically designed keeping in mind the interest of our affiliates. We provide excellent remuneration packages to our affiliates, through good commissions. Also, we assist them in making their websites sellable and visually strong by providing them regular marketing and banner design updates

What the 123 Video Magic affiliate Program has to offer?

• We pay you upto 70% commission on all sales.
• Earn Commission for up to 90 return days for all visitors i.e. if the visitor decides to purchase within 90 days of their last visit from your website, you'll still earn commission on the sale!
• Our dedicated affiliate management team is available to assist you with any needs or requests you have, simply contact us with any questions.
• It is simple, quick, and easy to set up links on your Website. You just have to copy and paste!

Attractive Holiday season deals available to cash in more traffic that you send to our website: www.123videomagic.com.
This will increase the chances of conversion and we help you earn more comission per sale.

Condition: Pay Per Click Advertisement is not allowed for our products

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(US$) 12.00% Per SaleComplete_kit
Take your photography experience to the next level. Buy a smart and affordable Complete Studio Kit at $189.95 only! Use Promo Code: VMGC7 to avail extra discount
(US$) 12.00% Per SaleGreen Screen Kits
Special Holiday Season Discount on Green Screen Studio Kits, now Set up a portable studio at home for making promotional videos! Kits starts @ $99
(US$) 12.00% Per Sale123vmgpro
Now it’s easy and simple to make unforgettable images and videos! With 123 Video Magic - Your complete image/video editing software
(US$) 12.00% Per Salelighting kits
Avail 30-70% OFF on All New Photography Lighting Kits Use Promo code "VMGC7"
(US$) 12.00% Per Salegeneral
123 Video magic a complete photography store offers an extensive range of photography equipment including backdrops, green screen kits and photo studio lighting kits.
(US$) 12.00% Per Salevideo_bkgrnd
(US$) 12.00% Per Salevideobkgrnd_1
(US$) 20.00% Per Sale123vmgPro_728-90
(US$) 20.00% Per Sale5x7(250-250)
(US$) 12.00% Per Sale123vmgPro_468-60
(US$) 20.00% Per SaleCompleteKit_250-250
(US$) 12.00% Per SaleGif_Store
(US$) 12.00% Per SaleTriple Lighting Kit
(US$) 25.00% Per Sale10X12 Kit
(US$) 25.00% Per Sale10X12 Kit
(US$) 25.00% Per Sale10X20_greenkit
(US$) 12.00% Per Salelighting accessories
(US$) 12.00% Per SaleSoftbox
(US$) 12.00% Per Saleapparel
(US$) 12.00% Per SaleContinues_kit
(US$) 12.00% Per SaleComplete_lighting_1
(US$) 12.00% Per SaleComplete_lighting

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