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Description: Did you know that EVERY Australian workplace is REQUIRED BY LAW to have a FIRST AID Kit? The problem with purchasing a kit, however, is that the materials either expire before use or run out. Your kit quickly becomes non-compliant. And! The kits end up being in total disarray as staff rummage around to find band aids, tweezers and antiseptic. No more! Alsco offers a convenient rental service which includes LIFETIME REFILLS to ensure your workplace is ALWAYS WH&S Compliant. Simply purchase your first aid kit from Alsco and we’ll ensure your workplace is Australian compliant. Over 45,000 businesses in Australia choose Alsco. LIMITED OFFER: Free bonus first aid kit valued at $108. Join Alsco and Earn.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Katrina and I run the online marketing for Alsco. This is our first foray into working with affiliates so we are genuinely thrilled that you have elected to be part of our programme.

Perhaps you've never heard of Alsco, but let me tell you that regardless of where you are in the world you’ve slept on our sheets, snuggled under our quilts, dried your back with our towels, wiped your feet on our mats, wiped your hands on our paper towels, used soap from our dispensers, chatted to someone in our uniforms … but, hopefully, you’ve never used one of our portable defibrillators!

When you step into an office, supermarket, dental practice, retail store, restaurant, hotel workshop or industrial complex then you’ve been near an Alsco product, without realising it. Truly! Alsco is everywhere.

We provide a regular service to over 45,000 customers via 27 branches making Alsco the leading textile rental company in Australia.

You can learn more about us over at www.alsco.com.au/affiliates and get access to more banners, testimonials and marketing scripts. We are happy to customise to your needs; just ask!

Don’t hesitate to email me (katrina.mckinnon@alsco.co) with any questions or requests.

I’ll look forward to working with you,

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Workplace First Aid Kits. Lifetime Refills. Bonus Kit.
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If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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