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Description: eToro has pioneered the concept of “social investing”, combining a unique trading platform and an integrated social network. Terms and Conditions for CPA appy to the following T&Cs: http://etoropartners.com/legal.php Notes 1- eToro retains the right to review all commissions for possible Fraud, whether such Fraud should be on the part of the Money Trader or on the affiliate’s part. In the event that eToro deems that fraud has occurred, either on the affiliate site or on the part of a Money Trader, you shall not be entitled to receive any commissions. eToro doesn't allow incentivized traffic. 2-eToro.com is not operating in the US or any US territories at the moment. 3- “FTD” means a Customer that has opened its first real trading account with eToro, that made the first deposit of min $200 min deposit and at least a revenue of $10.- Payments can be held back up to 90 days.

Welcome to eToro's Affiliate Program - the World’s Leading social investment network. Get up to $200 CPA for users who fund their account PLUS SPECIAL BONUSES for high performance!!

You will have a dedicated affiliate manager who can supply best performing keywords and creative and work to make your earnings as high as possible.

Regards and Good Luck!

The Affiliate Program Team

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US$200.00 Per SaleStocks - 300x350
US$200.00 Per SaleStocks - 250x250
US$200.00 Per SaleStocks - 120x600
US$200.00 Per SaleEOS 728x90
US$200.00 Per SaleEOS 250x250
US$200.00 Per SaleEOS 468x60

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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