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Merchant Program: Train Ticket Booking & Reservation | Save A Train  View More Information About The Program
Description: Planning your next travel? Looking for the best train travel offers? Now get your train tickets cheap and quick at SaveATrain.com Your train travel starts here. BOOKING IN 3 MINUTES. No Train Tickets Booking Fees. Cheapest Rates

Welcome to Saveatrain.com - Travel More for Less with Trains.


At Save A Train, we focus on digitizing train travel and building the best train ticket system there is, to help all the players in the market get a grip of this vast rail opportunity.

Our job does not end at the ticketing part; we have developed several products including pricing AI algorithm and big data on travelers patterns and behaviors, and recently started collaborating with airlines and OTAs on multi-modality Interlining of Air+Rail routes.

Affiliate Program Features;
• Earn upto 5% commission per sale
• Cookie Duration: 45 days
• Sales Target Incentives for performing affiliates
• Attractive Banners and Text links available
• PPC bidding is allowed to SEM affiliates
• Professional Affiliate Management team – to promptly answer to your queries.
• Coupons & deals available on regular intervals.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program please feel free to contact us at affiliates2@saveatrain.com


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(US$) 5.00% Per SaleSave A Train
Save A Train
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleSAT_Davice_Animation
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleTrain Ticket Booking
Save A Train: Train Ticket Booking & Reservation
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleTrain Travel
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBooking in 3 Minutes
Your train travel starts here - Booking in 3 Minutes.
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleEuropean Train
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBest Train Travel
Planning your next travel? Looking for the best train travel offers?
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleSave A Train
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleTicket Booking‎
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleTrain Lowest Fair
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleHalloween Offer
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleZurich to Bern
Trains from Zurich to Bern
(US$) 5.00% Per SalePopular Train Routes
Trains from Montreux to Zweisimmen
(US$) 5.00% Per SalePopular Train Faenza
Trains from Faenza to Florence Santa Maria Novella
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleThe Christmas Offer
Save 5% OFF at SaveAtrain on all tickets
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleParis to Dusseldorf
Popular Train Routes Trains from Paris to Dusseldorf
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleFrutigen to Adelbode
Popular Train Routes from Frutigen to Adelboden Post
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBest Train Ticket
Get The Best Train Travel Offers - SaveAtrain
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBookTrain ticket Now
Christmas Markets in Germany! Book Train ticket Now
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleRome To Milan train
Cheap Train Travel From Rome To Milan - SaveAtrain
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBrescia To Verona
Cheap Train Travel From Brescia To Verona Porta Nuova Book the Train Ticket Now
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleCheap Train Travel
Cheap Train Travel From Bologna All Stations To Venice Santa Lucia - SaveAtrain
(US$) 5.00% Per SalePuchheim To Kaisersl
Cheap Train Travel From Attnang Puchheim To Kaiserslautern Central Station Book Train Ticket Now
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleEasy train tickets
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleGet Best Train Ticke
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBlack Friday offer
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleUK Train Travel
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleGet 5% OFF Ticket
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleSprings Sale 2020
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleEurop Train Travel
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleEurop Train Travel-1
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleCheap Train Travel
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleChristmas Offer Save
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleCheapest Train Booin
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleTravel in France
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleSwiss Train Travel
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleYour Europ Train
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBook your ticket
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBook Now OFFER here
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleCheapest Train Booin
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleThanksgiving Offer

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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