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Merchant Program: UFM Patent Mens Underwear  View More Information About The Program
Description: UFM is an international premium men's underwear brand featuring our Patented Adjustable Pouch support system for the Sports, Work, Medical and Everyday markets. https://www.ufmunderwear.com

Welcome aboard!

As the President and founder of the company, I look forward to a successful partnership.
I just wanted to write to you and provide some additional information to assist in your understanding of the UFM brand.
>UFM is an acronym for Underwear for Men
>UFM is a premium men’s underwear brand that provides exceptional male support for Sports, Medical, Work or Everyday wear.

If you need some artwork or information that is not currently available, please contact us and tell us what additional needs you have to be successful.

UFM underwear products feature our patented adjustable support pouch system. (Pending in 8 additional regions/countries including China and the EU)

UFM products are not a gimmick or a fad. We offer serious products that provide customers real solutions to male support challenges.
We have been in business almost 5 years and earned over 9,500+ 5 star reviews. 8,500+ on ufmunderwear.com
See them at: https://www.ufmunderwear.com/reviews

Value Proposition:
• Anti-Chafe
• Provides good support (and lift) – Very few men’s underwear products provide actual support. Most just smash you against your thigh.
• Does not lose support through the laundry cycle.
• Isolation – eliminates skin on skin contact.
• Comfort
• Moisture wicking
• Special Applications (See Medical)

Broad Market: UFM verticals:
• All sports (can also be used with a hard protection cup) Everything from the gym to soccer, basketball, golf, hiking fishing….. etc Any sport that require chafe prevention and good male support.
• Medical – We have a relationship with the AUA for several years. Due to our unique design, UFMs is the only men’s underwear actually recommended by urologists across the world. We are also a primary sponsor of Dr Samadi’s Men’s Health radio show on Saturday mornings WOR NYC. We have been working with the AUA for 4 years now and Urologists all over the world recommend the product. UFMs are the only Urologist recommended underwear because we are only product that provides actual support with lift. We are recommended for post-surgery (vasectomy), support due to inflammation or senior sag and incontinence. UFMs are prefect to lock in Depends style guards to prevent leakage.
• Work including police and military - UFMs are also popular with men who work on their feet, especially outside and especially guys that work in the heat. Examples are construction, first responders, medical professionals, drivers, military etc.
• Every-day - Many men start by wearing our products for Sports or Medical reasons and convert to wearing them 100% for every day. We also offer an extremely wide sizes from XS-5X.

• We offer chat support via our websites 24/7.
• We offer free USA and International Shipping
• We offer priority shipping methods as well.
• Orders received by 15:00 (New York time) ship same day
• We accept most credit cards and soon to offer apple pay and gpay.
• We ship internationally but unfortunately, we do not sell or ship to some countries due to shipping and/or fraud risk issues: (India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine)
• Our website is only in English at this time. We hope to offer additional languages soon.
• Our products are manufactured in India.

Broad Product Line - Styles
• Briefs – For men who want the coolest option without fabric on the leg at all.
• Trunk (Short 3” inseam boxer brief) – Cool option for men who want minimum fabric on their legs but do not want to go full bikini. Not recommended for men with thicker thighs.
• Boxer Brief 6” inseam – This is the standard boxer brief.
• Long Boxer Brief (9” inseam) – This style features a tapered leg opening and is ideal for men with larger quads. Men with large quads often have problems with underwear riding up because of the larger thigh diameter and the spandex had a tendency to “walk upward”. UFM 9” with the tapered leg opening lock the leg below the quad.

Materials-We offer 2 materials:
• 90% Polyesters/10% Spandex – Great for more intense sports rugged with maximum moisture management
• 95% Viscose(Bamboo)/5% Spandex – Lighter, cooler yet still provides moisture management. Great for lower intensity sports like golf or for everyday wear. Best for hot summer months.

We offer 2 support levels
• Regular support (the samples you received)
• MAX support – drawstring path further forward providing increase lift.

We offer 9 sizes based on your pants waist size 24-26 [XS]-56-58 [5X]
We offer 4-7 colors depending on style

Social Media:
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UFMUnderwear
• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ufmunderwearformen/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Underwear_UFM
• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ufm-underwear-for-men

What key attributes make your underwear ideal for fitness?
All UFM products feature our exclusive patent pending adjustable support system. Men find it uncomfortable when their junk, sweats, sticks and rubs against their thighs during physical activities. UFM is the only men’s fitness underwear product that provides actual support. Other types fall into 3 categories:
1. Standard Boxer Brief – No special technology
2. Compression: Smash the manhood against the thigh
3. Isolation Only – Eliminates contact with your thigh but you still dangle.

Thanks for Your Support,

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