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Merchant Program: The Shadowlands Ghosthunter Store  View More Information About The Program
Description: The Shadowlands is one of the oldest and most visited paranormal websites. Its mission is to help people who have questions and to create a safe place for people to share their common experiences. Now it lends its name and backing to this online store which will provide the tools used in ghost hunting and research all on one site. The advice on how to use the equipment will be answered by real researchers with 20 years of experience in the ghost hunting field. These are the tools that we use regularly on investigations so we won’t sell anything that doesn’t work properly in the field. We’ll sell the items at the lowest prices we can so that you can get this equipment on the limited budget that most groups have and ghost hunters have. We hope to create a one stop shop for ghost hunters and researchers. We are real investigators and real people, not a big store or corporation trying to make a huge profit from you.

Welcome to The Shadowlands Ghosthunter Store Affiliate Program,

Michelle and Dave Juliano

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