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Description: Fire Savage is transforming the backyard patio experience by offering high end grills, and fire pits along with propane patio heaters and other lifestyle products. We offer a wide selection of designs and colors to fit any patio design.

Welcome to the Fire Savage affiliate program. We offer many higher-priced items which offer opportunities to earn larger commissions. For example, our grills pricing is $800 to $5,000. Some of our fire pits retail for $5,000. Many other designer items such as solid copper weathervanes and bird houses retail between $300 and $600.

If you need a different size banner or themed banner for your website, please email us. We are motivated to establish good working relationships with our affiliates and to help make you successful.

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(US$) 5.00% Per SaleText Banner 1
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(US$) 5.00% Per SaleWeatherVane 250
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleFirePit College GIF
(US$) 5.00% Per SalePrimoGrills Grey 250
(US$) 5.00% Per SalePrimoGrills Fire250
(US$) 5.00% Per SalePelletGrills 250
(US$) 5.00% Per Salegtmtguru_250
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleFirePit Pat 480
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleFirePit Pat 180-150
(US$) 5.00% Per SalePrimo/LG 480
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleGrills/Smokers 250
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleGrills/Smokers 158
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleFirePitArt 250
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleGIF FirePit 480 rnd
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleFirePit Pat 480 GIF
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleFirePit Pat 180GIF
(US$) 5.00% Per SaleBirdHouse 250

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