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Dear ClixGalore:

This letter is being written to express our happiness with your program, the ClixGalore Staff, and the results obtained from our Platinum-Level membership. We have three online stores, and each is listed with ClixGalore.

When we first joined your program, we tried a lower-level plan. The results were OK, but nothing like what we are seeing today at the Platinum level. For a very small investment, we have increased traffic beyond our expectations!

We hope the relationships we've established with our affiliates strengthen over the coming months and years, and we look forward to being a part of the ClixGalore network for a very long time.

Again, thanks to the entire staff at ClixGalore for a job well done!

Anna Fosbinder, President
i-GlobalMall.com, Inc.
Shopping without boundaries...
Making the world a smaller mall to shop!


I have to admit that I came to clixGalore an extreme cynic of on-line advertising. Intrepid Travel had tried things before at considerable expense for minimal results.

But the pay only for results concept appealed - we had nothing to lose!

The results we have achieved with clixGalore in a short time have been simply outstanding. Our cost per response is by far the lowest of any advertising we are currently doing. The traffic on our web site has tripled in three months - for no other reason than the clixGalore campaign. With the number of click-throughs so high, we are now paying affiliates more than we anticipated - but with results so good we are delighted to be doing so!

Intrepid Travel have 4 different merchant programmes in place. Currently only one of these is a platinum programme - however this is also the best performing, and so we are looking at upgrading the other campaigns soon.

I congratulate and recommend clixGalore as an excellent system that is easy to use and achieves outstanding results. The client service orientation of the company is also a wonderful thing to experience.

Darrell Wade
Sales and Marketing Director
Intrepid Travel

Super Site, Great Tools

This is a top notch affiliate program. With full control I could not ask for much. With a small budget of just $75.00 I have been able to consistantly grow my site www.luckylottoweb.com with over 40 fresh leads every single day directly from clixgalore affiliates. 90% have been top notch and you have full control to weed out those affiliates you do not want.

Damian Jaundoo

Clixgalore is an excellent program that I have used daily for nearly 3 years! 
Their real time reporting, dependable service and on time monthly payments are what top affiliates depend on for maximum sales, leads and success. 
I am very happy with clixgalore!

Founder - www.MarysFreebies.com

Thank You

Dear Clixgalore,
I just wanted to write to tell you that I was so happy to see how effective your fraud prevention techniques were for my Pay Per Click Affiliate Program.

It didn't take any time at all to see that I was getting quality click thrus, and that any bad clicks were disregarded. I was able to sleep at nite knowing I was only getting good quality clicks!

Thanks again for a great service!

Don Muller

Prior to discovering clixGalore, we operated our own affiliate program, which was a very expensive and labor-intensive proposition (and we had to recruit our own affiliates!). But within 3 weeks of starting with clixGalore, our sales expenses were cut 70% and scores of new affiliates found us! We have seen a massive increase in sales since becoming a clixGalore merchant. The clixGalore operation is crisp, honest and easy to manage. I can heartily recommend it for anybody doing business on the web.

Jake Miller - Operations Manager
LifeSines Inc

14th October 2001
Our sales have substantially increased after setting up our clixGalore Affiliate program. We've been operating our Affiliate program now for 2 months and we are making on average a $199 sale each day! We have even increased our payout rate to $45 because we're sure that clixGalore's anti-fraud system works very well.
Johannes Selbach, www.Tangare.com

10th August 2001
As mentioned in my previous e-mail, the affiliate program for Tangare.com now works.

However, I've created another affiliate program for our second web site http://vse-online.com. Although everything seems to be ok, I cannot sign up for this affiliate program with our other account because the vse-online.com (15% per sale) affiliate program cannot be found in your directory.

Can you help me with that? I'm very sorry for the trouble.

BTW, I think that you service is MUCH better than ClickTrade. clixGalore has a number of very useful features that ClickTrade doesn't have.

Johannes Selbach
Tangare - Voget Selbach Enterprises GmbH

I just thought I would send you a quick note to say how impressed I am with the progress of your program over the past few months.

When I first came across your site you were just getting going and I was somewhat concerned about the results I would achieve with your new program. I had certain requirements for the program I wanted to run, and you made every effort to modify and enhance your software to fulfill my needs. I have created and managed numerous Merchant and Affiliate Programs on the Internet and never expected to actually be able to talk to somebody directly about my concerns and wishes.

Most of your competitors seem to carry the same old offers, while you have managed to find new Merchants that are unique and offer exciting opportunities. Our traffic flow increased so rapidly that we actually had to hold back New Affiliates until we made numerous server upgrades.

You have come through with flying colors and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you and your company.

Scott Neuman
917911 Alberta Ltd


I am getting great leads and prospects from my 'Are You Living Life To The Fulliest' program and I am considering upgrading to the Enterprise Gold. Will I get more Affiliates by upgrading?

James Keller
Watkins Incorporated  


Hello Jane:

I wanted to thank you and ClixGalore for your help today. I'm so glad that you took the time to look into this for me. Anyway, thanks again for your help today and for calling me. It really shows that ClixGalore cares about their customers and I am very happy that you took the time today to help me.

Karen Reyolds
Kikis Freebies Inc

Kiki's HappyFace

Dear Customer Service,

You guys are the most responsive and seem to care for the merchants more than any other program I have used. Keep up the good work.


Robert W. Jones
Computer Pages LLC

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